Celebrating 10 Years in Asia

March 7 marks the first day of Asia Institute Chairman and CEO, Bradley A. Feuling’s tenth year living and working in China and Asia. Mr. Feuling was born outside of Boston, and moved to Shanghai with a dream in March 2007, at the age of 25. Feuling stated, “My original career plan was to start one company, do it for 10 years, and then start a second company. After 10 years in the second business, I wanted to go back to a university and teach entrepreneurship. Little did I know or foresee is that my path would bring me to China, and 10 years into the first organization we would have a huge opportunity ahead of us! Not to mention, I already would be teaching global entrepreneurship to hundreds of students per year.”

Mr. Feuling became interested in China at Bucknell University, where he received his undergraduate degree in economics and English literature, with a minor in international relations. Prof. Wei Ge inspired Brad during courses on Pacific Rim Economics and China and the Economy, back in 2001. Mr. Feuling first came to China in 2006 with a group of classmates from Purdue University’s MBA program. In March 2007, he officially moved to Shanghai and along with fellow classmate, roommate and now long time friend Yi Kong, launched the Asia operations for the Kong and Allan Group. The Asia Institute is the education focused division of the Kong and Allan Group.

When asked about his 10 years living and working in China, and what he appreciates most about the experience, Mr. Feuling noted, “When my parents were my age, it was literally impossible for them to do what I have done. For that alone, I feel very fortunate. I also have been extremely lucky to know and work with some of the greatest friends, colleagues and partners. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my personal growth and the growth of the Asia Institute!”

Lastly, Mr. Feuling had some thoughts for current students and young people, who are considering a study abroad experience or even to move to Asia to work. He added, “I always tell students I talk with that if you want to come to Asia, keep in mind three simple steps. 1. Get here! Buy a one way ticket, get a passport and visa, and fly here with the intension to stay. 2. Stay here! Find a way to stay here, pay the bills, maintain a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. Importantly, you might not be doing what you really want to start, but that is ok. 3. Find your passion! Once you get settled and can support yourself, figure out what you want to do and go for it! Asia is truly an amazing region. We live in a unique time, where everything is new here and changes are truly happening. If you want to be a part of it, come here, stay, and contribute in a positive way, in a field you are passionate about.”

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