The Asia Institute Annual Program Feedback Report 2017

With our mission to build the leading education platform connecting Asia with the rest of the world, the Asia Institute is devoted to creating high quality and unique learning experiences, while being transparent with the feedback our student and faculty participants provide us.

In 2017, the Asia Institute worked with over 838 students and faculty on short-term customized programs, and enabled our university partners to create truly memorable and once in a lifetime learning experiences in Asia. As a commitment to continuous improvement, the Asia Institute analyzed the feedback data received from roughly 420 student and faculty participants on the Asia Institute’s program. The feedback findings not only guide the internal operations of the Asia Institute, but also offer insights to other universities on how the Asia Institute supports our university partners in five specific ways: program development and content arrangement, professional and academic related visits, service learning projects, cultural experiences, and logistics support.

To review the complete 2017 Asia Institute Annual Feedback Report, please download: The Asia Institute Annual Program Feedback Report 2017. To compare the feedback received with the 2016 report findings, please download: The Asia Institute Annual Program Feedback Report 2016.

Lastly, if you would like to read what students are actually saying about our hosted programs, please click here to read our program reviews.
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