Customized Study Experience (Xplore Asia Programs)

Xplore Asia and Xplore U.S. programs are unique customized short-term (6-30 day) travel study programs designed by an educational institution for their students. The Asia Institute stands alone in being able to develop such customized all-inclusive and/or flexible short-term programs for students at the middle school, high school, undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate and Executive levels throughout Asia and in the U.S. Faculty Internationalization programs can also be developed and customized.

+  What can be included in my customized short-term program?
+  What areas of study can be offered or integrated?
+  Where can customized short-term programs be developed?
+  Can I review a program example?
+  How else can the Asia Institute help me?
+  How do I develop a program?

Featured Program Examples

If you are interested in developing a short-term program, and are looking for ideas, this is a great place to start! Below are just some of the programs we have developed and hosted in the past:

Thematic Programs
Each program includes a theme, which ties the faculty-led program together, and further engages students in a more in-depth, and less general, learning experience. Learn More

Courses and Academic Series
Each Course or Academic Series includes a theme, syllabus, and integrated global component to enhance a student’s experiential learning. Learn More
Further Reading

“I learned that the world is ours to explore and learn from. I was able to learn about cultures and traditions that shape people into who they are. I was also able to see first hand how businesses function overseas. It was a trip and a learning experience of a lifetime.”

- Camille B
Utah State University '15

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