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“Our goal is to create access to educational opportunities that were once unimaginable. The Asia Institute achieves this goal through its regional expertise and by integrating our institutional partners’ ecosystems abroad, thus fostering the development of learning experiences that last a lifetime.”


What We Do

The Asia Institute believes that going global is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity. Around the world, education has the power to impact societies for the better. Leveraging our unique and comprehensive regional network of private, public, not-for-profit and educational institutions, The Asia Institute develops innovative faculty-led short-term, and immersive internship and career trek programs that fundamentally change how students perceive the world.

Additionally, The Asia Institute fosters connections between our educational institution partners worldwide to support international student admissions at the high school, undergraduate and graduate levels.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to be the leading education platform connecting the world.
Our vision is to enable the next generation of leaders to reach their biggest dreams.

Community Engagement

Community EngagementThe Asia Institute was founded on the integration of the four key sectors of society (private, public, not-for-profit and education). Not-for-profit organizations therefore represent a critical component when designing meaningful learning opportunities.

Whether providing joint-scholarships to students with our association partners, planting trees to offset CO₂ emissions created by international education, or volunteering with communities, The Asia Institute is active in developing new partnerships with organizations that share our mission and a vision for a better world.

Our History

The Asia Institute was formed in 2006 with a bold vision to become the leading education platform connecting the world to Asia.  Today, The Asia Institute has global locations across China and the United States and is a host partner for over 50 educational institutions in areas such as short-term programs, student recruitment, experiential learning, faculty exchange, and career development. 

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2006   Kong and Allan Group founded in Lafayette, Indiana. Kong and Allan Group becomes the primary supporter of The Asia Institute initiatives, to ensure The Asia Institute’s vision to become the leading education platform connecting the world to Asia is achieved.
2007 Office opened in Shanghai, China in March. Work starts from humble beginnings. Small office and small team, but big ideas and dreams.
2008 The Global University Initiative is launched to encourage universities in the United States and Asia to collaborate and exchange resources. The Kong and All Group increases its involvement with faculty and student exchange programs, as well as academic research. Discussions begin with multiple universities in the United States, China and Malaysia.
2009 First U.S. universities visit China with 26 students and faculty from two universities. North Dakota State University and Stetson University helped build a dream that was to become The Asia Institute.
2010 Partnership and programming expands to over 70 students and faculty involved. Exploration in areas such as career development begin.
2011 In June, The Asia Institute is officially recognized and established. Programs developed in Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia, in addition to China.
2012 The first multi-Chinese university leadership, experiential management training and learning program is established in Shanghai by The Asia Institute. New programs developed in South Korea and India.
2013 The Asia Institute begins scholarships for the first Chinese high school students to attend Phillips Exeter Academy Summer School. The Asia Institute begins to support its university partners in areas such as student recruitment and faculty exchange, in addition to short-term programs, experiential learning and career development.
2014 The Asia Institute is named the 2014 Innovative New Program - Study Abroad Award winner as determine by GoAbroad. In collaboration with Cleveland State University, The Asia Institute developed the “Follow the Smart Phone Supply Chain” program as a 10-day program to allow students to track the end-to-end supply chain of a smart phone.
2015 The Asia Institute is named a Top Provider by StudyAbroad101.com, based on student ratings and feedback. In addition, The Asia Institute joins the IIE Generation Study Abroad Initiative and commits to increase scholarship funding and representation of minority students on study abroad programs.
2016 The Asia Institute opens an office in Chengdu, Sichuan to support students attending the Sichuan University – University of Pittsburgh Joint Institute (SCUPI). The office supports The Asia Institute with preparing students to study abroad, and international admissions.
2018 The Asia Institute reaches a milestone of hosting 5000 students and faculty on customized short-term programs. The Asia Institute works with over 100 universities and colleges on education abroad programming.
2019 The Asia Institute is a Co-Founder of the Global Learning Collective, the first truly global consortium of educational organizations that share similar values, offer a personal connection to your in-country host partner, while providing on-the-ground expertise and local access in each region of the globe.
2020   The Asia Institute introduces the “Return to Asia” scholarship which awards $125,000 in scholarship funding to students on faculty-led short-term programs in Asia, prioritized for 2020 programs that were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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