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The Asia Institute Partners with CulturaGo – Cultural Preparation for Student Travelers

CulturaGo Logo

The Asia Institute is excited to announce its partnership with CulturaGo, a learning platform that transforms cultural preparation for student travelers! CulturaGo designs its courses to promote enhanced cultural awareness and empower students to make the most of their study abroad experiences.

Study Abroad students in front of Fushimi-Inari Shrine in Kyoto, Japan benefitted from the CulturaGo platform - cultural preparation for student travelers
UCSC students at the Fushimi-Inari Shrine in Kyoto, Japan

CulturaGo’s cultural preparation courses seamlessly integrate into all Asia Institute programs. This preparation ensures a comprehensive and enriching educational experience for our students.

— The CulturaSkills training course equips all Asia Institute students with essential intercultural and inter-identity skills to navigate their new cultural environments with confidence and curiosity.

— CulturaGo’s destination-specific courses give students traveling to Japan and South Korea insights into etiquette, traditions, and customs. The courses also provide practical tips from the locals, preparing them for an unforgettable journey.

CulturaGo courses, including the Introduction to Japanese Culture, seamlessly integrate into all Asia Institute programs as part of this exciting partnership. These courses, offered at no extra cost to students, provide invaluable resources and support as students prepare to travel abroad. This collaboration further supports The Asia Institute’s partner institutions.

Learn more about The Asia Institute and begin designing your unique 2025 study abroad program for your students today!