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Re-Imagining Global Education Webinars Available On-Demand!

China - Yu Gardens

In April, The Asia Institute launched its “Re-imagining Global Education 2020 Webinar Series”  to discuss the transformation occurring in the field of global education as a result of the global pandemic and other relevant trends. Below are links to the two most recent installments, with the May webinar hosted in conjunction with our partners at The Global Learning Collective:


  • June 11th: Save our Semester: Career Advancement and the Future of Global Education

Noah Rost – Director, Study Abroad, Arizona State University
Carolina Robinson – Director, Education Abroad, The University of Alabama
Bradley Feuling – Chairman & CEO, The Asia Institute
Don Asher – Managing Partner, Asher Associates


  • May 21st: The Future of Student Mobility: A Student-Centric Approach 

Stacy Benander – Founder & President, Athena Study Abroad
David Comp – Assistant Provost for Global Education, Columbia College Chicago
Bradley Feuling – Chairman & CEO, The Asia Institute
Rebecca Smietana – Head of Partnerships, The Global Learning Collective
Jennifer Graff – Director, Office of International Education, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh


    • April 16th: The Front Lines of Education Abroad: Lessons Learned from a Global Pandemic
      Bradley Feuling – Chairman & CEO, The Asia Institute
      Jeffrey R. Whitehead – Director of Study Abroad, University of Pittsburgh
      Matthew Yates – Director of Education Abroad, University of Connecticut



If you are interested in serving as a panelist for webinars this summer and Fall, please contact us at