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The Asia Institute Introduces Integrated, Online Language and Culture Programs

The Asia Institute is proud to announce the development of virtual and hybrid programs designed for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language learners! The Asia Institute’s uniquely designed programs bring students “in-country” through specially designed sessions on non-textbook language, peer-to-peer student engagement, historical site visits, and cultural immersion.

Through The Asia Institute’s innovative language learning modules, universities and colleges can now combine existing classroom instruction with integrated online content, These modules are specifically designed to introduce students to Asia’s rich history, contemporary culture, and the people who live there.

If you would like to learn more and explore collaborative opportunities with The Asia Institute, please fill out a request for proposal form or contact us at

Program Structure

Each integrated language program features four core areas with four distinct sessions, for a total of 16 modules. The core areas include non-textbook language, student-to-student engagement, historical visits with guides, and cultural engagement, including interactions with local people. Each specific session is taught in the local language of the course (not in English) with students preparing for each session by studying vocabulary lists in advance. These integrated language programs are designed to complement classroom language learning by engaging the students “beyond the classroom” and providing an immersive experience with 16+ hours of additional content.

Language Modules
Modules are customized based on the level of the language learner. Example sessions include gestures and non-verbal communications, colloquial language and idiomatic expressions, vocabulary for social media and the digital age, and exploring local dialects.

Student Engagement
These sessions will focus on recently-learned vocabulary and features one-on-one engagement with local students. Each student is assigned a “language buddy” and meets with their university student counterpart on a weekly basis.

Culture & Community
The Asia Institute creatively weaves cultural classes into the curriculum, which vary depending on the language. In China, students explore Chinese calligraphy and Tai Chi, as well as make Chinese dumplings.

Historical Site Visits
Leveraging The Asia Institute’s networks of guides and subject matter experts, we provide students with live opportunities to visit historical sites, such as the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo or Bukchon Hanok Village in South Korea!

Program Highlights

Japanese Language and Culture – A Calligraphic (Shodo) Exploration of The Book of Five Rings

This program features five 2-hour sessions, each providing an interactive experience with Japanese traditional calligraphy (Shodo), with a thematic focus on each of the five chapters of legendary Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi’s The Book of Five Rings, written in 1643. Learn More!

Korean Family, Food & Culture

Explore traditional Korean cuisine and learn how modern dishes have evolved with a consideration of nature and cultural trends. Learn and taste banchan, the traditional side dishes that accompany most meals!