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The Asia Institute to Co-Host Virtual Business Project Competition this Summer!

The Asia Institute is proud to announce a collaboration with Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University’s International Business School Suzhou (IBSS) to host a four-week Virtual Business Project Competition from July 11th to August 5th. Student teams from around the globe will meet three times each week (often in the evenings to accommodate Asia-based scheduling) and participate in professional development workshops and mentorship meetings hosted by Xian-Jiaotong University and Asia Institute representatives. The final presentations will take place on August 5th.

During the XJTLU – International Business School Suzhou Virtual Business Project Competition students will engage in a unique opportunity to work on real challenges faced by organizations in Asia. Included in this experience, students will:

  • Work in diverse groups, collaborating on a projects focused on helping a business or organization to solve a current issue.
  • Understand a specific issue or situation for an Asian business/organization while researching possible solutions
  • Incorporate the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals into how the group’s proposal addresses solutions
  • Examine transferable (“soft”) skills from working in a diverse group and understand how to articulate them to potential employers

Interested students should fill out the application form by June 15th. Following the form submission, we will be in touch with additional information to confirm your participation in the competition. If you have any questions, please contact us at