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The Asia Institute to Lead AAC&U Panel on The Future of Student Mobility

From October 8-10, the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) will host its 2020 Virtual Conference on Global Learning with a focus on higher education’s response to the global health crisis. To review the program schedule and details on the multitude of panels, click here.

On October 8 at 2:15pm EDT, The Asia Institute’s Chairman and CEO Bradley A. Feuling will be moderating the panel titled “The Future of Student Mobility: A Student-Centric Approach”. Along with Jeffrey Whitehead, Director of Study Abroad at the University of Pittsburgh and Paula Hentz, Director of International Learning at Stetson University, the panel will put the new reality and future of student mobility under a microscope and discuss how leaders in global education have been forced to adapt. This session will present new ideas, concepts, and working models for global learning, all from a student-centric approach. Through this interactive and engaging dialogue, panelists and attendees will present their institution’s future looking strategies concerning academic requirements, fees and tuition, travel vs. non-travel, and risk
and safety management.

To register for the conference, click here.