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The Asia Institute to Participate in Webinar on PBL Virtual Internships

On August 19th, Join CCID, TheAsia Institute , The Global Learning Collective (GLC) and Chattanooga State Community College to learn about a practical approach to virtual internships.

Mr. Bradley Feuling is the Chairman and CEO at the Asia Institute, with specific expertise in strategic network development among four critical sectors of society: public, private, education, and non-profit.Dr. Kenneth Goldsmith is Professor of Legal Studies and Vice President of the Faculty Senate at Chattanooga State Community College and plays a major role in internationalizing the college. He is also Paralegal Program Director and Commissioner-elect of the American Bar Association (ABA) Approval Commission for Paralegal Education. Dr. André Siffert is the Director of Partners Relations at the Global Learning Collective. Dr. Siffert leads the strategic partnerships with Universities across the world, aimed to support the development of experiential learning initiatives in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

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