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The Asia Institute’s Summer 2021 Virtual Programs Spotlight

This summer, The Asia Institute will host several virtual programs designed to introduce students to the vast diversity of languages, cultures, nonprofit community work, technological advancements, and social movements found throughout Asia. By integrating the unique learning outcomes from our academic partners, and The Asia Institute’s extensive network of speakers and partner universities, we are busy creating innovative experiences that take students behind the scenes in Asia.

Each designed program has been customized to fit with our institutional partners’ curriculum and academic goals but is also constructed in a modular setup, to be incorporated as standalone virtual sessions. To learn more about The Asia Institute’s exciting virtual programming, click here.

  • Black Lives Matter and the Media: A Global Movement: The Asia Institute is working with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Office of Education Abroad and the UNL School of Journalism to support their summer Global Experiences course titled, Black Lives Matter and the Media: A Global Movement. Students will explore the cultures of Japan and South Korea and hear from journalists and expatriates on the ongoing #Black Lives Matter movement in each respective country.

  • Project-Based Learning (PBL) Virtual Internship in Thailand: The Asia Institute is working with Thailand-based NGO Ourland and The Global Learning Collective to host students on an 8-week project-based learning (PBL) virtual internship this summer. Interns representing over a dozen countries will work in small groups with Ourland on an agroforestry project in the Kanchanaburi region of Thailand.


  • Evolving Global Supply Chains: The Asia Institute is working with St. Joseph’s College New York to incorporate a roundtable panel discussion on the evolution of global supply chains into their international business curriculum. This session features leaders from multinational corporations and their perspectives on supply chains in Asia, where different industries are moving, how business strategy is being altered, and where companies are positioning themselves to remain relevant in the future.

  • Language & Culture Modules – Intermediate Chinese: The Asia Institute is working with Texas State University on a comprehensive four-week Chinese language and culture program this summer. The program uniquely combines classroom language instruction, with virtual content, to introduce Chinese language and culture through cultural engagement, such as joining a family for breakfast, and student-to-student communication.