California Community College Scholarships

Scholarship Overview​

In an effort to support the global competencies and knowledge of faculty and students at community colleges, California Colleges for International Education (CCIE) and The Asia Institute offer grants and scholarships specifically designed for California community college faculty and students engaging with Asia. By 2020, The Asia Institute has awarded a total of $7,500 to faculty and students from CCIE member colleges. Scholarship applications are accepted twice per year on November 1 (faculty grants) and March 1 (faculty grants and student scholarships).

Eligibility and Participation

  • Students must complete one semester at a California community college prior to submitting an application
  • Student must attend a California community college eat the time of application submission
  • Student must participate in an education abroad and/or internship abroad program offered by a California community college that is a current member of CCIE
  • Student must travel to a destination which is different from the nationality or different from the country that issued their passport. Students holding dual citizenship must declare both nationalities in their submission application.
  • All submissions should be jointly submitted by a student and faculty advisor. The faculty advisor can either be a study abroad officer or a professor. Preferably this individual would have a working relationship with the student applicant.
  • Submissions will be accepted only from students who have selected a global learning experience in a country different from their nationality and/or different from the country that issued their passport.

Application Portal

The submission deadline for the California Colleges for International Education (CCIE) is March 15, 2021. Please ensure both faculty and student applications are submitted by this date.

Past Recipients - Faculty Grant