Social Media Account Setup & Management


Your institution has a great story to tell. Top-ranked academics. Awe-inspiring faculty. Dynamic campus life. International culture. A jaw-droppingly beautiful campus. And much more.

However, standing in the way of this brand awareness among students and parents is a digital barrier that inhibits selected foreign websites, most international social media and many news sites from reaching internet users.

With The Asia Institute’s support, you can ensure that accurate and consistent messaging about your school is listed prominent across prominent webpages. In additional to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), we will help establish and maintain dynamic and engaging social media accounts to communicate authentically with prospective students and parents.

China Social Media Account Setup & Management


The Asia Institute can help you build a WeChat Official Account that showcases what makes your school special and simultaneously engage with potential students. WeChat Official Accounts require a detailed registration process but allow for tailored content embedded with multimedia such as video, GIFs, and more. Services include:


Often viewed as “China’s Twitter”, Weibo (微博) is a public way to broadcasting short messages to China’s world wide web.

The Asia Institute will set up and manage a Weibo Public Account on your behalf by regularly posting captivating content about your institution and conducting and measuring marketing campaigns aimed at driving increased page-views, click and ultimately applications.

Services Include:

  • Complete professional management of your school’s brand.
  • Account set-up and custom page design.
  • Content creation and regular updates to your timeline.
  • Engagement with all “followers," including responding to their timeline (likes, comments), private messages, as well as Q&A.

Search Engine Support

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Design and set-up your SEO strategy and manage its daily operations, which includes internal Optimization and Label Optimization.
  • Keyword Definition and Optimization: Select 10 keywords that are highly relevant to client searches, and optimize all of them. Will get 1-2 to rank organically in the top 10 search results, and 2-5 to rank in top 20 search results, on search engines.
  • External Optimization (the creation of smart, comprehensive backlinks) across various media platforms.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Place ads for university partner on search engines (Baidu and 360 etc.) and on Google
  • Manage these ads, optimizing them closely and every day, throughout the campaign, to achieve increased clicks throughout the campaign.
  • The Asia Institute can provide limited translation, free of charge.